From Melting Pot to Witch's Cauldron: How Multiculturalism Failed America

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April 2010



This book explains that the original wishes of the founders of the American Republic, as well as those of modern luminaries like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez, have not been realized. Caravantes traces this problem to the radical activism of the 1960s, which introduced the notion of multiculturalism.


Chapter 1 Preface Part 2 Part I Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 1. Plymouth Rock Chapter 5 2. The Enlightenment Chapter 6 3. The African Slaves in America Chapter 7 4. The Scandinavian and Irish Migration Chapter 8 5. The Mexican Border is Re-Established Chapter 9 6. The Arrival of the Jews Chapter 10 7. The 1960 Mentality Started with Two Bullets Chapter 11 8. The Effects of the Civil Rights Movement Chapter 12 9. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez would be Ashamed Chapter 13 10. The Formation of the Ghetto and the Barrio Chapter 14 11. Multiculturalism in League with Identity Politics Chapter 15 12. Multiculturalism in League with Political Correctedness Part 16 Part II Chapter 17 13. Let Us Define 'Culture' Chapter 18 14. Whose Culture Is It, Anyway? Chapter 19 15. What 'Failure' Implies Chapter 20 16. Why the Experiment Failed Chapter 21 17. The Role of Parents Chapter 22 18. The Role of the Universities Chapter 23 19. The Role of the Media Chapter 24 20. Undoing the Damage Chapter 25 21. The 21st Century American Chapter 26 22. Marching Forward and Closing Thoughts Chapter 27 Epilogue


Ernesto Caravantes received his first MS in counseling from the University of La Verne and his second MS in American history from Lacrosse University. He has worked as an in-home outreach counselor and is the former host of the cable television show Dialog. As the only son of Mexican immigrant parents, the author has faced certain educational and cultural challenges. From his struggles to learn English as a first-grader to his completion of two master's degrees, his life has been marked by a steady uphill progression of life-long learning and intellectual growth.


Classrooms will find plenty of food for discussion in this analysis. Midwest Book Review
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