Media and Technology in Emerging African Democracies

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August 2010



This collection of essays will give students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with some of the best literature in media technology impact in emerging African democracies with relevant concentration on information and communication technology (ICT). Inclusion of several social science disciplines gives students, professionals, and government agencies an interdisciplinary perspective.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK Part 4 1. ICT AND MEDIA PLURALISM IN AIDING DEMOCRACY Chapter 5 Chapter 1: From handmaid to goad of the governing elite? ICT orientations of broadcast media professionals in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria. Chapter 6 Chapter 2: ICTS in the midst: Media and Democracy in Niger Part 7 2. NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND THE PRINT MEDIA IN AFRICA Chapter 8 Chapter 3: Role of ICT in election coverage by the Nigerian print media A study of the 2007 general elections Chapter 9 Chapter 4: The role of on-line media technology and democratic discourse in Cameroon: A study of " Post-Online" and " Cameroon Tribune" Part 10 3. RADIO AND TELEVISION: ASSUMMING NEW ROLES IN AFRICAN DEMOCRACY Chapter 11 Chapter 5: Localism in the South African media context: A comparison of the South African local content and Canadian content rules Chapter 12 Chapter 6: The new public sphere: Radio and democracy in Kenya Chapter 13 Chapter 7: The Phasing of Analog to Digital Technology in Nigerian Movie and Broadcasting Industries: A Review of Nollywood and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Chapter 14 Chapter 8: Mass Media and Peace-Building in Sudan Part 15 4. NEW MEDIA AND POLITICS Chapter 16 Chapter 9: Media and Conflict: A System Analysis of Mass Media Technology's Impact on AfricaDemocratic and Economic Systems Chapter 17 Chapter 10: Communication, civil society, and democratization in Africa: Perspectives on political development Part 18 6. HEALTH CARE AND THE INFLUENCE OF NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGY Chapter 19 Chapter 11: The use of Techno-media Strategies in Effective Healthcare Service Delivery in Nigeria and the Implications for Democracy Sustenance Part 20 7. NEW TECHNOLOGY AS A WEAPON AGAINST CRIMES Chapter 21 Chapter 12: Concepts, dimensions in new media technology: Reinforcing the contest against financial crimes in Nigeria


Cosmas U. Nwokeafor, Ph.D., professor of mass communication at Bowie State University, is currently the interim dean of Graduate School. He has served as a provost fellow, assistant provost for graduate studies, assistant dean, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and department chair at Bowie State University. His professional experiences include leadership training at Harvard University and the Oxford Roundtable workshop, London. He has conducted research in the area of development communication, new communication technologies and development communication in Africa. Nwokeafor has written three books and published five book chapters. Kehbuma Langmia, Ph.D., assistant professor of communications at Bowie State University, teaches research and other media related courses in the Department of Communications. A graduate from the Television and Film Academy in Munich, Germany, Langmia has extensive knowledge and training in media productions and management. Since earning his Ph.D. in mass communication and media studies from Howard University in 2006, he has written and published fiction and non-fiction books, book chapters, and research articles in prominent national and international journals.


Students of media and communication have been armed with a powerful tool to move the African continent into the second and third generations of the New Millennium. These two authors have brought their classroom experience in communications to bear on what continental scholars need here and now. A brilliant effort of immense usefulness to all. -- Justin U. Harris, Ph.D., professor of management and marketing, former dean, Strayer University
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