Reflections on the Social Thought of Allama M.T. Jafari: Rediscovering the Sociological Relevance of the Primordial School of Social Theory

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Oktober 2010



In this work, the author presents the work of Allama M.T. Jafari, an Iranian, contemporary social thinker who worked within the parameters of Primordial School of Social Theory. This work is an attempt to enrich the existing literature on comparative sociology and social philosophy.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 1.Biography Chapter 4 2. Relocating the Jafarian Perspective Chapter 5 3. Human Sciences and the Heptafold Domains of Sociology Chapter 6 4. Human Sciences in the Past, Present, and Future Chapter 7 5. Rationality, Leben, and Intelligible Life Chapter 8 Epilogue Chapter 9 Sources


Seyed Javad Miri is an associate professor at the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies and Sharif University in Tehran, Iran. His fields of research are sociology, history of religions, philosophy of science and social sciences, and psychoanalysis. He is also the editor of Islamic Perspective, which is aimed at creating debates in humanities and social sciences between thinkers of the East and West.


Defending the values of enlightenment and rationalism and pursuing dialogue between the major global civilizations is an important task at the global level in the years ahead, and it is in this respect that the present new book by Dr. Miri acquires particular importance for students of global politics and political thought. -- Arno Tausch, professor of political science, University of Innsbruck, Austria
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