Psychoanalysis and Theism: Critical Reflections on the Grunbaum Thesis

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Psychoanalysis and Theism starts with a critique of psychoanalysis and its application to religion which, surprisingly, ends up expressing enthusiastic support for some classical psychoanalytic ideas. Following this essay by Adolf Gr nbaum, one of the world's leading philosophers of science, nine senior scholars offer their own critical reflections on Freud's work and its hidden motives, on the potential of psychoanalytic ideas for the study of religion, and on the interpretation of the Virgin Birth and other doctrines


Chapter 1 Preface Part 2 Part I: Methods and Motives Chapter 3 Chapter 1: Psychoanalysis and Theism Chapter 4 Chapter 2: A Problem for Freud's Disjunctive Argument Chapter 5 Chapter 3: The Psychoanalysis of Religion and the Dissolution of Epistemic Certitude Chapter 6 Chapter 4: Psychoanalytic Theories of Religion and the "Catholic Problem" Chapter 7 Chapter 5: Freud, Jewish Universalism, and the Critique of Religion Part 8 Part II: Interpretation and Meaning Chapter 9 Chapter 6: Interpreting Three Religious Constructs Chapter 10 Chapter 7: Another Epistemic Evaluation of Freud's Oedipal Theory of Religion Chapter 11 Chapter 8: Mapping the Imagination-Heroes, Gods, and the Oedipal Triumphs


Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, PhD, is professor of psychology at the University of Haifa and senior research associate at the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.


Adolf Grunbaum is an excellent philosopher of science. It is very good to have his critical assessment of the evidence for Freud's theory of religion reprinted here along with comments by scholars in several different fields. The authors examine Freud's and Grunbaum's arguments using resources drawn from philosophy, sociology, contemporary psychoanalysis, empirical psychology of religion, and the history of religions. The articles are all interesting, and they explore a range of topics including Freud's Jewish identity, Grunbaum's psychoanalytic account of virgin birth narratives, and contemporary serpent handlers. The volume contributes to current discussions of the relation of psychoanalysis and religion. -- Wayne Proudfoot Ph.D, Columbia University Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi's Psychoanalysis and Theism is a timely treasure. Seven essays responding to Adolf Grunbaum's "Psychoanalysis and Theism," with which the book begins, revive Freud's penetrating speculations about the meaning and psycho-dynamics of religion and carry them further. The authors explore the Oedipal angle of religion, the susceptibility of Catholicism to Freudian inquiry, the relationship of Jewish universalism to Freud's topic, the nature of the questions of illusion and delusion that Freud raised in regard to religious belief and behavior, and still more. Divided into two parts-Methods and Motives, and Interpretation and Meaning-the book offers the reader a brilliant set of essays that plumb and apply Freud's take on religion both appreciatively and critically. -- Gordon Fellman, PhD, Brandeis University This volume has been overdue. Asking what psychology has to say about religion, it does not loose itself in providing a host of facts and details. Rather, it dares to turn to the grand and incomparably influential theory psychoanalysis continues to be. Some of the best scholars worldwide engage in a multidisciplinary and critical discussion with eminent thinkers ranging from Freud to Grunbaum, resulting in a must read for anyone interested in the psychological study of religion. -- Jacob A. Belzen, PhD, University of Amsterdam
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