Feudal England

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April 2010



These collected essays contain Round's lasting contribution to medieval scholarship: his argument that the Norman Conquest transplanted feudalism to England.


Part I. Territorial Studies: 1. Domesday Book; 2. The Northamptonshire Geld-Roll; 3. The Knights of Peterborough; 4. The Worcestershire Survey (Hen. I); 5. The Lindsey Survey (1115-1118); 6. The Leicestershire Survey (1124-1129); 7. The Northamptonshire Survey (Hen. I-Hen. II); 8. The introduction of knight service into England; Part II. Historical Studies: 1. Normans under Edward the Confessor; 2. Mr. Freeman and the Battle of Hastings; 3. Master Wace; 4. Note on the Pseudo-Ingulf; 5. Regenbald, priest and chancellor; 6. The Conqueror at Exeter; 7. The alleged destruction of Leicester (1068); 8. Ely and her despoilers (1072-1075); 9. The Lords of Ardres; 10. Early Irish trade with Chester and Rouen; 11. Walter Tirel and his wife; 12. Waldric, warrior and chancellor; 13. A charter of Henry I (1123); 14. The origin of the Nevilles; 15. The alleged invasion of England in 1147; 16. The alleged debate on Danegeld (1163); 17. A glimpse of the Young King's court (1170); 18. The first known fine (1175); 19. The Montmorency imposture; 20. The Oxford debate on foreign service (1197); 21. Richard the First's change of seal (1198); 22. Communal house demolition; 23. The Cinque Port charters; Addenda; Index.
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