Information Security and Assurance

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Advanced Science and Technology, Advanced Communication and Networking, Information Security and Assurance, Ubiquitous Computing and Multimedia Appli- tions are conferences that attract many academic and industry professionals. The goal of these co-located conferences is to bring together researchers from academia and industry as well as practitioners to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted aspects of advanced science and technology, advanced communication and networking, information security and assurance, ubiquitous computing and m- timedia applications. This co-located event included the following conferences: AST 2010 (The second International Conference on Advanced Science and Technology), ACN 2010 (The second International Conference on Advanced Communication and Networking), ISA 2010 (The 4th International Conference on Information Security and Assurance) and UCMA 2010 (The 2010 International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Multimedia Applications). We would like to express our gratitude to all of the authors of submitted papers and to all attendees, for their contributions and participation. We believe in the need for continuing this undertaking in the future. We acknowledge the great effort of all the Chairs and the members of advisory boards and Program Committees of the above-listed events, who selected 15% of over 1,000 submissions, following a rigorous peer-review process. Special thanks go to SERSC (Science & Engineering Research Support soCiety) for supporting these - located conferences.


Maximized Posteriori Attributes Selection from Facial Salient Landmarks for Face Recognition.- Security Improvement on a Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards.- Dual-Byte-Marker Algorithm for Detecting JFIF Header.- Hiding Data in JPEG Using in-DQT Technique.- An Analysis of Syndrome Coding.- Intrusion Correlation Using Ontologies and Multi-agent Systems.- Tag ID Subdivision Scheme for Efficient Authentication and Security-Enhancement of RFID System in USN.- Fault Attacks against the Miller's Algorithm in Edwards Coordinates.- A Cryptosystem for Encryption and Decryption of Long Confidential Messages.- Lane Design for Speed Optimization.- Biometric Authentication Using Infrared Imaging of Hand Vein Patterns.- IPV6 Mobile Network Protocol Weaknesses and a Cryptosystem Approach.- Fuzzy-Based Detection of Injected False Data in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Pattern Recognition Using Artificial Neural Network: A Review.- PeerReview Analysis and Re-evaluation for Accountability in Distributed Systems or Networks.- Tracing Potential School Shooters in the Digital Sphere.- Infrastructure Aided Privacy Preserving-Authentication in VANETs.- Attacks on Bluetooth Security Architecture and Its Countermeasures.- Modified Anonymous Authentication Scheme with Enhanced Security for Wireless Communication.- Security Risks of Cloud Computing and Its Emergence as 5th Utility Service.- Performance Evaluation of Video Streaming in Vehicular Adhoc Network.- Receiver Based Traffic Control Mechanism to Protect Low Capacity Network in Infrastructure Based Wireless Mesh Network.- Secure Mechanism for Handling Targeted Attacks in Infrastructure Based Wireless Mesh Networks.- MPLS Unleashed: Remedy Using IPSEC over MPLS VPN.- A New Holistic Security Approach for Government Critical Systems: Flooding Prevention.- Sensor Aided Authentication.- Knowledge-Base Semantic Gap Analysis for the Vulnerability Detection.- TOKEN: Trustable Keystroke-Based Authentication for Web-Based Applications on Smartphones.- An Improved EKG-Based Key Agreement Scheme for Body Area Networks.- Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Model for Effective Action Selection.
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