Trust Management IV

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This volume contains the proceedings of IFIPTM 2010, the 4th IFIP WG 11.11 International Conference on Trust Management, held in Morioka, Iwate, Japan during June 16-18, 2010. IFIPTM 2010 provided a truly global platform for the reporting of research, development, policy, and practice in the interdependent arrears of privacy, se- rity, and trust. Building on the traditions inherited from the highly succe- ful iTrust conference series, the IFIPTM 2007 conference in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, the IFIPTM 2008 conference in Trondheim, Norway, and the IFIPTM 2009 conference at Purdue University in Indiana, USA, IFIPTM 2010 focused on trust, privacy and security from multidisciplinary persp- tives. The conference is an arena for discussion on relevant problems from both research and practice in the areas of academia, business, and government. IFIPTM 2010 was an open IFIP conference. The program of the conference featured both theoretical research papers and reports of real-world case studies. IFIPTM 2010 received 61 submissions from 25 di?erent countries: Japan (10), UK (6), USA (6), Canada (5), Germany (5), China (3), Denmark (2), India (2), Italy (2), Luxembourg (2), The Netherlands (2), Switzerland (2), Taiwan (2), Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Israel, Korea,Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Turkey. The Program Committee selected 18 full papers for presentation and inclusion in the proceedings. In addition, the program and the proceedings include two invited papers by academic experts in the ?elds of trust management, privacy and security, namely, Toshio Yamagishi and Pamela Briggs.


Privacy and Trust.- Schemes for Privately Computing Trust and Reputation.- Self-service Privacy: User-Centric Privacy for Network-Centric Identity.- Naïve Security in a Wi-Fi World.- Security Through Trust.- Securing Class Initialization.- xESB: An Enterprise Service Bus for Access and Usage Control Policy Enforcement.- Metric Strand Spaces for Locale Authentication Protocols.- Visitor Access Control Scheme Utilizing Social Relationship in the Real World.- Trust Models and Management.- Impact of Trust Management and Information Sharing to Adversarial Cost in Ranking Systems.- Shinren: Non-monotonic Trust Management for Distributed Systems.- Modeling and Analysis of Trust Management Protocols: Altruism versus Selfishness in MANETs.- Trust Models.- Trustworthiness in Networks: A Simulation Approach for Approximating Local Trust and Distrust Values.- Design of Graded Trusts by Using Dynamic Path Validation.- Implementation and Performance Analysis of the Role-Based Trust Management System, RT C .- A Formal Notion of Trust - Enabling Reasoning about Security Properties.- Experimental and Experiential Trust.- Leveraging a Social Network of Trust for Promoting Honesty in E-Marketplaces.- Does Trust Matter for User Preferences? A Study on Epinions Ratings.- Bringing the Virtual to the Farmers' Market: Designing for Trust in Pervasive Computing Systems.- Incorporating Interdependency of Trust Values in Existing Trust Models for Trust Dynamics.
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