FREIGHTVISION - Sustainable European Freight Transport 2050

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Februar 2011



This book has been written on the basis of the research done between 2008 and 2010 as part of the European Commission funded FREIGHTVISION project. The "FREIGHTVISION - Freight Transport 2050 Foresight" project was funded by the Directorate General MOVE to design a long term vision for European freight transport in 2050 and to identify actions and research to progress appropriate freight transport measures in Europe. The project was carried out as a foresight process encompassing four conferences in which the project team identified and developed with the aid of more than 100 experts an action plan for securing long term freight transport in Europe. The book provides insights into the freight transport visions and Backcasts identified for 2035 and 2050, issues which need to be addressed and measures which were assessed to be part of future paths to assure an economical, environmental, and social freight transport system.


Part 1: Introduction and Approach.- Part 2: Methods.- Foresight Process.- Model for calculating long distance freight emissions and energy consumption.- TRANS-TOOLS.- Part 3: Analysis.- External Factors.- Forecast.- Vision.- Scenario.- Part 4: Recommendation.- Policy Actions.- Action Plan and Conclusions.- Appendices.- Index.


Stephan Helmreich is Head of Unit - Future of Transport at AustriaTech - Federal Agency of Technological Measures. AustriaTech is a subsidiary of the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit). In his position Stephan Helmreich is responsible for the Austrian Lighthouse projects in the area of ITS and for EC funded projects in the area of long-term policy development. He is Project Manager of the FP7 projects FREIGHTVISION (www.freightvision.eu) and LOGMAN (www.logman-footprint.eu). Hartmut Keller is a former professor at the Munich University of Technology (TUM) and was in this position head of the Transport Engineering and Planning Unit. His teaching responsibilities were regional and trans¬¬port planning, mobility and transport manage¬ment, traffic flow theory and traffic control. He is founder and partner of TRANSVER GmbH, Trans¬¬port Research and Consultancy, in Munich and teaching at the University of Augsburg. He is Member of acatech, the German Academy for Science and Engineering.
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