Binge Drinking in Adolescents and College Students

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Contains information about binge drinking and how this type of alcohol consumption differs from social drinking and chronic drinking and alcoholism. This work is suitable for those who come in contact with the problems associated with this type of alcohol consumption.


Introduction; Differentiating Binge Drinking from Social Drinking and Chronic Drinking/Alcoholism; Binge Drinking Demographics; Definition of a Binge; Social and Environmental Factors and Binge Drinking; Neurocognitive and Health Effects of Binge Drinking in Adolescents and College Students; Animal Models of Adolescent and Adult Binge Alcohol Use; Binge Drinking, Impaired Driving and Other Health Risk Behaviors; Binge Drinking and Emergency Department Visits; Screening and Brief Interventions in the Emergency Department; Behavioral Control Models and Alcohol: Why Loss of Control Over Drinking Might Stem from Neurocognitive Changes When Drinking; Binge Drinkers and Their Particular Vulnerability to the Acute Effects of Alcohol; Binge Drinking and Alcohol Tolerance; Before the First Drink: At Risk Individuals for the Binge Consumption of Alcohol; Alcohol Expectancies and Binge Alcohol Use; Trendy Cocktails: Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol; Prevention and Intervention Strategies; Binge Drinking in Young People: Where Do We Go From Here?; Index.
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