Implant joints on basis of elastohydrodynamic theory of lubricant

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Juni 2010



The loosening of joints and wear of implant joints were analyzed with a view of elastohydrodynamic theory of lubricant. There is shown a perspectivity of hydrodynamical friction in comparison with boundary friction in existent constructions of metallic and polymeric implants of tribo-node. There is developed and shown the elastohydrodynamical calculation of implant joints. There are given comparative researches and discussions of metallic and nonmetallic pairs in the mode hydrodynamical friction according to parameters and distribution diagrams of contact pressures, thickness and temperatures of lubricant layer of implant tribo-node and modulus of elongation of tribosurfaces' materials. There are given some constructions of elastohydrodynamical implant joints.


Prof. Vladyslav Vlastopulo is a scientifically-commercial director of biophysical department on creating of new biomedical methods and devices, bio-field simulators in "Research Laboratories VVL", and professor of cathedra of ways and methods of struggling with marine corrosion and biological fouling in Odessa Marine University.
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Untertitel: Theory and experimental practice of elastohydrodynamic theory of lubricant for human implant joints. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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