An Introduction to Ethics

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This book examines the central questions of ethics through a study of the great ethical works of Western philosophy.


Preface; 1. What is ethics?; 2. Egoism; 3. Eudaimonism; 4. Utilitarianism; 5. The moral law; 6. The ethics of self-determination; 7. Practical reason; Appendix. Diagram displaying different teleological theories; Works cited and suggested further readings; Index.


John Deigh is Professor of Philosophy and Law at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of The Sources of Moral Agency (Cambridge, 1996) and of Emotions, Values, and the Law (2008).


'This is a beautifully and elegantly written introduction to the fundamental questions of ethics. It is a comprehensive and accessible book that will be of interest to students and also to anyone reflecting about how to live a good and normatively defensible life. Highly recommended.' John Fischer, University of California, Riverside
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