Economics of John Kenneth Galbraith

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November 2010



An introductory and sympathetic discussion of the work of one of the twentieth century's most famous economists.


List of figures; List of tables; Foreword James K. Galbraith; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. The eclipse of The New Industrial State?; 2. A life in our times; 3. The economics of John Kenneth Galbraith; 4. The methodology of John Kenneth Galbraith; 5. The general theory of advanced development; 6. Why people are poor; 7. Uncertainty and the modern corporation; 8. A theory of the multinational corporation; 9. The management of specific demand; 10. Money and the real world; 11. A man for our times; 12. The origins of the Galbraithian system: talking to John Kenneth Galbraith; References; Additional works by Galbraith; Index.


Dr Stephen P. Dunn is Director of Strategy at NHS East of England. He is an international authority on John Kenneth Galbraith and has published numerous articles on post-Keynesian economics and the economics of the firm in leading international journals. In 2000 he received the prestigious K. William Kapp Prize from one of Europe's largest economics associations. He is the author of The Uncertain Foundations of Post-Keynesian Economics (2006).


'Richard Parker's book John Kenneth Galbraith is an intellectual and political history nestled inside a biography. Stephen Dunn's book is almost exactly the opposite. Parker's book is about the man. Dunn's is about the structure of what went on inside his brain and what appeared in his major books.' James K. Galbraith, University of Texas, Austin 'This is a remarkably rich and intelligent assessment of John Kenneth Galbraith's place in, and relevance to, modern economics. At a moment when Galbraithian analysis far better explains the global financial crisis than any of the standard models, Stephen Dunn's cogent handling of the richness of Galbraith's authentic originality will help provoke a much-needed debate on where we are heading - and why.' Richard Parker, Harvard University, and official biographer of John Kenneth Galbraith 'In setting out to rehabilitate J. K. Galbraith, Stephen Dunn has done us all a great favor. This book would be important at any time. In the current global conditions, it is invaluable. It will provide a much needed impetus to encourage a new generation of economists and policy-makers to address the policy questions that so preoccupied Galbraith.' Patricia Hewitt MP, Former Secretary of State for Health and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 'Stephen Dunn has produced a timely, insightful and valuable introduction to the economic thinking of J. K. Galbraith. It deserves to be widely read. And it will inform debate in these interesting times.' Alan Milburn MP, Former Secretary of State for Health and Chief Secretary of the Treasury 'In the face of the financial crisis, Galbraith's work on the Great Crash of 1929 has gained particular attention for its many insights into the irrational exuberance of the financial sector. This book demonstrates the vast breadth of Galbraith's work on capitalism, the dominance of large corporations, private affluence and public squalor, technological development, poverty and government policy as well as money, finance and instability. This is all set within an appreciation of Galbraith's methodological approach. A fine monument to the continuing relevance of J. K. Galbraith.' Malcolm Sawyer, University of Leeds 'Stephen Dunn has done more than anyone else in the last decade to keep the ideas of John Kenneth Galbraith alive. In this volume Dunn establishes the breadth and depth of Galbraith's vision, and the force and contemporary relevance of his analysis. This work is a timely and engaging monument to one of the greatest economists of the twentieth century.' Geoff Hodgson, University of Hertfordshire 'Stephen Dunn's book on Galbraith is comprehensive and scholarly and an absorbing read. Dunn writes clearly, providing detailed suggestions for further research and developments based on Galbraith's contributions.' Geoff Harcourt, University of Cambridge 'Stephen Dunn is already a hero to health service reformers and to East of England patients for his work in East Anglia, which was not just about Hinchingbrooke, but a region-wide improvement in access and quality. Now he has also made a significant contribution to economic thinking.' Nick Bosanquet, Imperial College London
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