Plato's 'Laws'

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November 2010



This volume provides essays on the Laws, Plato's last dialogue and major work of political philosophy besides the Republic.


Introduction Christopher Bobonich; 1. The Laws' two projects Malcolm Schofield; 2. The relationship of the Laws to other dialogues: a proposal Christopher Rowe; 3. Ordinary virtue from the Phaedo to the Laws Richard Kraut; 4. Virtue and law in Plato Julia Annas; 5. Morality as law and morality in the Laws Terence Irwin; 6. Puppets on strings: moral psychology in Laws I and II Dorothea Frede; 7. Psychology and the inculcation of virtue in Plato's Laws Rachana Kamtekar; 8. Images of irrationality Christopher Bobonich; 9. Family and the question of women in the Laws Thanassis Samaras; 10. The theology of the Laws Robert Mayhew; 11. Plato's 'truest tragedy' (Laws VII, 817a-d) Andre Laks; Bibliography; Index.


Christopher Bobonich is Professor of Philosophy and, by courtesy, Classics at Stanford University. He is the author of Plato's Utopia Recast (2002) and of a number of articles on the Laws and other aspects of Greek ethical and political theory.


"...The quality and insight of the contributions are very high, and the range of addressed themes very broad..." --Diego De Brasi, Philipps-Universitat Marburg, Bryn Mawr Classical Review "...a good paper on Plato's moral psychology... articulate and carefully reasoned work on the Timaeus is attributed to the Laws..." --Philosophy in Review, John Mouracade, University of Alaska Anchorage
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