Counterterrorism and International Power Relations: The EU, ASEAN and Hegemonic Global Governance

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September 2010



Why do states and international relations organizations participate in the "global war on terrorism"? This book asks this question within a broad framework, exploring the mechanisms and causes for participation in global governance and taking counterterrorism as a pertinent case. Challenging the assumption of egalitarian structures of global governance, the author argues that power relations and the use of power (influence, coercion and force) play a more important role than previously suggested. Providing a critical assessment of the counterterrorism policies of EU, US and ASEAN, the book identifies a number of causes of participation in hegemonic governance, including asymmetric interdependence with the US, open and informal pressure in the case of the EU, and the authority and legitimacy of the leading actors.


Anna Cornelia Beyer is Lecturer of Politics at the University of Hull. She is the author of 'Violent Globalisms: Conflict in Response to Empire' (2008) and is presently working on an intellectual biography of Professor Kenneth Waltz.


'Throughout the early twenty-first century, state governments have worked to develop policies and mutual understandings which advocates claim will improve their collective ability to protect themselves from terrorism. In this book, Anna Cornelia Beyer demonstrates that their efforts conform to a pattern of organisation and power relations which she describes as 'hegemonic governance'. Using data gathered from primary source documents and original interviews with recognised authorities, she contributes meaningful knowledge to several bodies of scholarly literature. In addition to this, her work also contains a useful approach to policy-oriented studies of counterterrorism.' - Dr Tom Kane, Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Hull; 'Anna Cornelia Beyer argues in this book for a 'hegemonic global governance' perspective, rather than pure unilateralism or multilateralist global governance, to explain participation in the Global War on Terrorism. In particular this is represented by unprecedented forms of cooperation in the area of counterterrorism, which may have had a transformative impact on global governance, which she successfully tests through regional case studies of the EU and ASEAN. This book finesses the relationship between power and governance, and raises a number of interesting questions. Beyer's broader ambition to inform security governance is of particular value, with interesting and helpful use of interviews with key figures in the field, in addition to those with relevant policy figures to underwrite the case studies of regional collective actors.' - Dr Hugh Dyer, Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Leeds
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