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April 2010



Stark and imperative, but shot through with a sense of warm humanity, Beth Steel's debut play Ditch is a clear-eyed look at how we might behave when the conveniences of our civilisation are taken away, and a frightening vision of a future that could all too easily be ours.


Beth Steel is a new playwright currently on attachment to Theatre 503, London as one of their prestigious 503Five Writers group. This is her first full-length play.


'Debut playright Beth Steel offers a Children of Men-esque vision of a bleak England in the near future, scrapping for survival after some enormous catastrophe.' Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard, 20.05.10 'Steel creates a believable group of characters and makes the dynamics between them absorbing' Sarah Hemming, Financial Times, 21.05.10 Steel's dialogue is forceful and often funny' Siobhan Murphy, Metro (London), 21.05.10 'Steel's text is an evocative mix of farm metaphors, punchy dialogue and moments of dreamy wistfulness' Aleks Sierz, Tribune, 28.05.10
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