Negotiating Clerical Identities: Priests, Monks and Masculinity in the Middle Ages

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Clerics in the Middle Ages were subjected to differing ideals of masculinity, both from within the Church and from lay society. The historians in this volume interrogate the meaning of masculine identity for the medieval clergy, by considering a wide range of sources, time periods and geographical contexts.


Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors List of Abbreviations Introduction: Rethinking the Medieval Clergy and Masculinity; J.D.Thibodeaux What Can Historians do with Clerical Masculinity? D.Neal PART
I: MONASTIC MASCULINITY The Common Bond of Aristocratic Masculinity: Monks, Secular Men, and St.Gerald of Aurillac; A.Romig The Warrior Habitus: Militant Masculinity and Monasticism in the Henrician Reform Movement; S.Wells Spiritual Warriors in Citadels of Faith: Martial Rhetoric and Monastic Masculinity in the Long Twelfth Century; K.Allen Smith PART
II: PRIESTLY MASCULINITY: RECONCILING CELIBACY AND SEXUALITY Saxo Grammaticus's Heroic Chastity: A Model of Clerical Celibacy and Masculinity in Medieval Scandinavia; A.Perron From Boys to Priests: Adolescence, Masculinity and the Parish Clergy in Medieval Normandy; J.D.Thibodeaux Promiscuous Priests and Vicarage Children: Clerical Sexuality and Masculinity in Late Medieval England; J.Werner PART
III: CLERICAL MASCULINITY: CONTESTED IDENTITIES Between Warrior and Priest: The Creation of a New Masculine Identity during the Crusades; A.Holt Knights, Bishops and Deer Parks: Episcopal Identity, Emasculation and Clerical Space in Medieval England; A.Miller Mirror of the Scholarly (Masculine) Soul: Scholastics, Béguines and Gendered Spirituality in Medieval Paris; T.Stabler Miller


Edited By Jennifer D. Thibodeaux


'Overall, I highly recommend Negotiating Clerical Identities to faculty, graduate students and undergraduates who work in the fields of gender, religion, and sexuality studies. The volume fulfills perfectly the mission of Palgrave's innovative Genders and Sexualities in History Series precisely because the contributors contest the universality of medieval masculinity and do so with interpretative flair and scholarly integrity.' - Lynda L. Coon, The Medieval Review
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