Punishment and Ethics: New Perspectives

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Oktober 2010



A collection of original contributions by philosophers working in the ethics of punishment, gathering new perspectives on various challenging topics including punishment and forgiveness, dignity, discrimination, public opinion, torture, rehabilitation, and restitution.


Foreword Notes on Contributors Punishment and the Socratic Roots of Retributivism;
J.Ryberg &
J.A.Corlett Punishment and British Idealism;
T.Brooks Punishment and Restitution;
D.B.Hershenow Punishment and Rehabilitation;
C.Bennett Punishment and the Measurement of Severity;
J.Ryberg Punishment and Forgiveness;
L.Zaibert Punishment and Dignity;
T.S.Petersen Punishment and Torture;
S.Kershnar Punishment and Public Opinion;
J.Ryberg Punishment and Discrimination;
K.Lippert-Rasmussen Index


CHRISTOPHER BENNETT Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield, UK
THOM BROOKS, Reader Department of Politics, University of Newcastle, UK
DAVID B. HERSHENOW Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo, USA
STEPHEN KERSHNAR Associate Professor, State University of New York, USA
KASPER LIPPERT-RASMUSSEN Professor in Political Theory, University of Aarhus, Denmark
THOMAS S. PETERSEN Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Roskilde University, Denmark
LEO ZAIBERT Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, USA


'Punishment and Ethics: New Perspectives proves that punishment theory is not only alive but lively in surprising ways both in the US and in Europe - retributivism, of course, but also (another surprise) some forms of consequentialism too. The range of questions seems to be growing as well. Who would have have expected a whole chapter trying to justify punitive torture or showing that Socrates held a mixed theory of punishment (if he had a "theory" at all)? Whatever my opinion of particular arguments, I found the book as a whole fun - taking me to many places I had not expected to go.' - Michael Davis, Illinois Institute of Technology
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