Managing in a Political World: The Life Cycle of Local Authority Chief Executives

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Steve Leach identifies the key challenges facing chief executives in British local government in operating in an environment where party politics is a dominant force. It discusses the basis on which chief executives apply for posts and manage the interview process, and the importance of the 'honeymoon period' - the first 6-9 months.


Introduction: Understanding the Challenges Facing Chief Executives Taking the Job and Getting Started  The Chief Executive as 'Head of Paid Service' Managing the Relationship with the Leader Dealing with Political Change The Chief Executive as a Political Animal The Essence of a Good Relationship Testing the Relationship Moving On: by Choice or Otherwise The Impact of Inspection and the Performance Culture The Impact of the Move to Executive Government Where Next for Chief Executives


Steve Leach


'...pay attention to this book...appeals to a wider audience and is not only an important input for current knowledge on the theme, but also a relevant contribution to the ongoing debate of local governance reform and the devolution agenda.' - Political Studies Review
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