Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics

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August 1990



This is the latest in a series of proceedings of conferences on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics. The purpose of the series is to bring together mathematicians and theoretical computer scientists who share the common interests of working on problems related to programming language semantics. The purpose of the book is to bring into print as quickly as possible papers which reflect the state of research on the topics comprising this area. The intended audience for the book consists of those researchers and graduate students with an interest in the research areas which are related to those presented in the book: programming language semantics, including algebraic, denotational and operational semantics, logics of programs, specification techniques, etc., and the relevant areas of mathematics research, including category theory, domain theory, ordered structures and lattice theory, and metric space methods. The papers included in the book represent the latest results in various facets of this rather broad research area, and this is the first time some of the ideas contained in these works are appearing in print.


A generalized Kahn Principle for abstract asynchronous networks.- Operations on records.- Connections between a concrete and an abstract model of concurrent systems.- A hierarchy of domains for real-time distributed computing.- Factorizing proofs in timed CSP.- Unbounded nondeterminism in CSP.- The semantics of priority and fairness in occam.- Inductively defined types in the Calculus of Constructions.- On some semantic issues in the reflective tower.- Semantic models for total correctness and fairness.- Equationally fully abstract models of PCF.- Generalization of final algebra semantics by relativization.- Termination, deadlock and divergence.- A category-theoretic semantics for unbounded indeterminacy.- Algebraic types in PER models.- Pseudo-retract functors for local lattices and bifinte L-domains.- L-domains and lossless powerdomains.- Does "N+1 times" prove more programs correct than "N times"?.- An algebraic formulation for data refinement.- Categorical semantics for programming languages.- Initial algebra semantics for lambda calculi.


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