The Neo-Kantian Reader

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April 2009



The Neo-Kantian Reader is the first anthology to collect the most important primary sources in Neo-Kantian philosophy, with many being published here in English for the first time. Essential reading for all students of nineteenth and twentieth century philosophy and phenomenology.


Part 1: Beginnings 1. Kant's Chief Doctrine and His Chief Failures Otto Liebmann 2. The Standpoint of the Ideal Friedrich Albert Lange 3. On the Origin and Significance of Geometrical Axioms Hermann von Helmholtz 4. On the Origin and Significance... II (excerpt) Hermann von Helmholtz 5. The World of Ideas Rudolf Hermann Lotze Part 2: The Marburg School 6. Introduction (from The Principle of the Infinitesimal Method and Its History) Hermann Cohen 7. The Synthetic Principles, Hermann Cohen 8. The Relationship of Logic to Physics Hermann Cohen 9. The Discovery of Man as Fellowman Hermann Cohen 10. Atonement Hermann Cohen 11. On the Objective and Subjective Grounding of Knowledge Paul Natorp 12. Phaedo and Symposium Paul Natorp 13. Kant and the Marburg School Paul Natorp 14. The Problem of a Logic of the Exact Sciences Paul Natorp 15. Hermann Cohen and the Renewal of Kantian Philosophy Ernst Cassirer 16. Euclidean and non-Euclidean Geometry Ernst Cassirer 17. The Place of Language and Myth in the Pattern of Human Culture Ernst Cassirer 18. The Problem of the Symbol and Its Place in the System of Philosophy Ernst Cassirer 19. Critical Idealism as Philosophy of Culture Ernst Cassirer Part 3: The Southewest School 20. Critical or Genetic Method? Wilhelm Windelband 21. History and Natural Science Wilhelm Windelband 22. On the Current Situation and Task of Philosophy Wilhelm Windelband 23. Philosophy of Culture and transcendental Idealism Wilhelm Windelband 24. Concept Formation in History Heinrich Rickert 25. Knowing and Cognizing. Critical Comments on Theoretical Intuitionism Heinrich Rickert 26. Announcement of The Logic of Philosophy and the Doctrine of Categories Emil Lask 27. The Logic of the Ontic Categories. Logic as Philosophy of Validity Emil Lask 28. The Unboundedness of Truth Emil Lask 29. General Introduction to The Philosophy of the As-If Hans Vaihinger 30. The Atom as Fiction Hans Vaihinger 31. Things-in-Themselves [as Fiction] Hans Vaihinger Part 4: Neo-Kantianism in France 32. Conclusion (from Contingency of the Laws of Nature), Emile Boutroux 33. The Problem of the Meaning of Natural Laws Emile Boutroux 34. Conclusion (from Natural Law in Science and Philosophy) Emile Boutroux 35. On the Relations of Intellectual Consciousness and Moral Consciousness Leon Brunschvicg 36. Physics and Metaphysics Leon Brunschvicg 37. Philosophy of Nature and of the Intellect Emile Meyerson Part 5: Responses and Critiques 38. Critical or Empiricist Interpretation of Modern Physics Moritz Schlick 39. Space as Condition for Experience Rudolf Carnap 40. The Classification of the Sciences According to Windelband's and Rickert's Methods Edmund Husserl 41. The Davos Dispute Martin Heidegger & Ernst Cassirer. Index


Sebastian Luft is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Marquette University, USA. He is the author of Subjectivity and Lifeworld in Transcendental Phenomenology (2011), and is editor (with Soren Overgaard) of The Routledge Companion to Phenomenology (2011).
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