Tourism and Inequality: Problems and Prospects

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Dezember 2010



Providing a synthesis of tourism as a source of injustice and as a means to address inequality throughout the world, this book addresses a wide range of interrelated forms of inequality and routes towards social justice. It also includes relations of class, nation, ethnicity, race, gender, disability and age to social justice initiatives.


Part I Inequalities for consumers; 1. Tourism, Disability and Mobility; 2. Tourism and Visual Impairment; 3. Equal Access for All? Regulative Mechanisms, Inequality and Tourism Mobility; Part II Inequalities for producers; 4. Sex Tourism and Inequalities; 5. Access and Marginalisation in a Beach Enclave Resort; 6. Fair Trade in Tourism - a Marketing Tool for Social Transformation?; 7. Tourism and Human Rights; Part III Prospects for reducing Inequalities; 8. Social Tourism for Low-Income Groups: Benefits in a UK and Irish Context; 9. Tourism and Welfare: Ethics, Responsibility and Well-being; 10. Pro-Poor Tourism - Can Tourism Contribute to Poverty Reduction in Less Economically Developed Countries?; 11. Urban Beaches as Social Tourism Installations: Case Studies of Paris Plage and Bristol Urban Beach; 12. Justifying Tourism: Justice Through Tourism.
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