Believing Three Ways in One God

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James Barr was one of the most formidable biblical scholars of the late twentieth century. His prolific writings on text and philosophy, Bible and interpretation, as well as many other subjects, add to his formidable stature in scholarship, while his book Fundamentalism (1977) remains perhaps the most trenchant critical analysis and rebuttal of that approach to the Bible ever produced vy a scholar. The Scope and Authority of the Bible brings together seven essays that are representative of the author's style, approach to and outlook on contemporary biblical topics. Characterised throughout by freshness and openness of thought, as well as the iconoclasm, for which the author is famous, this collection serves as an indeal introduction to one of the most important issues facing the churches today, as well as to the author's thought as a whole. James Barr was Regious Professor of Hebrew in the University of Oxford and Professor of Hebrew Bible at Vanderbilt University.


It is accessible and fascinating to read. Z. Bennett, Church Times.
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