Christianity in the Later Roman Empire

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November 2014



Christianity in the Later Roman Empire is an essential sourcebook of primary material for teachers and students and provides accessible and insightful commentary on the Church in the later Roman empire.


Introduction Acknowledgements Chronological Table
1. Christianity and Rome
2. The Great Persecution
3. The Conversion of Constantine
4. Constantine and the Imperial Church
5. The Donatist Schism
6. The Doctrine of the Trinity
7. Scripture and Liturgy
8. The Ecclesiastical Hierarchy
9. Emperor and Bishop
10. Asceticism and Monasticism
11. Christianization
12. Paideia: Christianity and Classical Culture
13. Christians, Jews and Manichees
14. Gender and Society
15. Holy Men and Holy Women
16. Pilgrimage and Relics
17. Missionaries and Kings
18. The City of God
19. The Christological Controversies
20. Christianity and the Barbarian Invasions Epilogue: The Dawn of Medieval Christendom General Bibliography Index of authors and texts Index of Scriptural citations General Index


David M. Gwynn is Reader in Ancient and Late Antique History at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.
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