Computational Intelligence and Its Applications

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This book focuses on computational intelligence techniques and its applications fast-growing and promising research topics that have drawn a great deal of attention from researchers over the years. It brings together many different aspects of the current research on intelligence technologies such as neural networks, support vector machines, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation, and covers a wide range of applications from pattern recognition and system modeling, to intelligent control problems and biomedical applications.
Fundamental concepts and essential analysis of various computational techniques are presented to offer a systematic and effective tool for better treatment of different applications, and simulation and experimental results are included to illustrate the design procedure and the effectiveness of the approaches.


Neural Network and Applications: Pattern Recognition via Perceptrons (W K Ling); Artificial Neural Network Modeling with Application to Nonlinear Dynamics (Y Zhao); Solving Matrix Eigen Problems by Neural Networks (Y Liu and Z You); Support Vector Machines and Applications: Cardio Respriatory Response Estimation by using Non-invasive Sensors (S Su et al.); Maximal Margin Algorithms for Pose Estimation (Y Guo et al.); Handwritten Recognition using SVM (H K Lam et al.); Fuzzy Logic and Applications: Detection of Nocturnal Hypoglycemic Episodes with Type1 Diabetes using Particle Swarm Optimization-based Fuzzy Inference System (S H Ling & H Nguyen); Fuzzy Controllers for Nonlinear Systems (H K Lam); Automated Screw Insertion Monitoring using Neural Networks: A Computational Intelligence Approach to Assembly in Manufacturing (K Althoefer & L Seneviratne); Evolutionary Computation and Applications: Restoration of Half-toned Color-quantized Images using Particle Swarm Optimization with Multi-wavelet Mutation (F H F Leung); Comparison of GP and PSO on Polynomial Modeling (K Y Chan & T S Dillon).
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