The Geometry of Schemes

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Grothendieck's beautiful theory of schemes permeates modern algebraic geometry and underlies its applications to number theory, physics, and applied mathematics. This simple account of that theory emphasizes and explains the universal geometric concepts behind the definitions. In the book, concepts are illustrated with fundamental examples, and explicit calculations show how the constructions of scheme theory are carried out in practice.


From the contents:
- I Basic Definitions
- II Examples
- III Projective Schemes
- IV Classical Constructions
- V Local Constructions
- VI Schemes and Functors
- References
- Index


"A great subject and expert authors!"
Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde,June 2001
"Both Eisenbud and Harris are experienced and compelling educators of modern mathematics. This book is strongly recommended to anyone who would like to know what schemes are all about."
Newsletter of the New Zealand Mathematical Society, No. 82, August 2001
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