Optimisation of Design of Composite Structures

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In the book, Professor Miravete demonstrates the optimization of beams, plates and sandwich constructions in the designs of advanced composite materials. He also illustrates optimal material systems, fiber orientations and lay-up through functions of geometry, load type and boundary conditions. The associates software, on two disks, will enable users to adapt the information to their own requirements and is very user-friendly with helpful manuals. This will be an essential package for designers and engineers in a wide range of areas, from aeronautics to automotive and marine as well as general industry.


Design optimisation of constant thickness composite structures; Shells; Constant thickness plates; Constant thickness sandwiches; Design optimisation of variable thickness composite structures; Variable thickness beams; Variable thickness plates; Variable thickness sandwiches.


Antonio Miravete is Director and professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zaragoza, Spain. He is Chairman of the Spanish Association for Composite Materials and a member of the International Committee of Composite Materials. Professor Miravete is also author of 13 books and about 100 papers in international journals.
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