Parallel Programs as Petri Nets

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April 2001



This book gives a Petri net based solution to the challenge of simulation, analysis and verification of parallel programs. The presented formal definition of compositional high-level Petri net semantics for B(PN)² (Basic Petri Net Programming Notation) programs and SDL (Specification Description Language) systems allows the correct and efficient translation of also recursive procedures (in B(PN)² and SDL) and processes with dynamic creation and termination (in SDL) into high-level Petri nets.

All related issues are covered:
1. The algebra of M-nets is extended
2. References relating parts of the programs with parts of the resulting nets are introduced
3. Its implementation in the PEP tool is described
4. Examples (including verification) are given
5. An extension to hybrid systems is shown


Bernd GRAHLMANN is an expert for requirements management and DOORS offering trainings and consultancy. Within the last 3 years he was global manager first for DOORS and then for all of requirements management for General Electric Medical Systems. Before that he gained 6 years experiences as project manager for a software tool (500,000 lines of code, 30 programmers). As a side effect he made his Ph. D. thesis in the area of simulation, analysis and verification of parallel systems. Even before (during his studies of computer science / medical informatics) he developed software for the automatic diagnostic as well as operation simulation of the human hip based on 3D computertomography data.
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