Beyond My Horizon: An Educational Odyssey & Combat Memoir

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September 2010



"Share the author's journey in Beyond My Horizon. Fall in love with the lifestyle of one of the world's most beautiful hotels; survive the sieges of the hell-holes of Hue and Khe Sanh, Viet Nam; and stand beneath the stone archway of Cornell University. Here is a tale of determination, drive, and a courageous ride through life that you will not want to stop reading.

In this engaging, compelling, and inspiring book, Claude Vargo mesmerizes the
reader. He eloquently describes his life and the hard work that transformed him
from being a youthful academic failure to graduating summa cum laude in just
two years in midlife from the Hilton College at the University of Houston while simultaneously attending Cornell.

If Claude did it, you can too! This book is chock full of humorous anecdotes, academic timesaving tips, and common-sense tricks to achieve your scholastic and life goals. Learn how to...

- Graduate college debt free in two years - page 195!

- Capitalize on your age and life experiences - page 181!

- Arrest stress, PTSD, panic attacks, flashbacks and depression - page 176!

- Speed read, speed type, and speak publicly - pages 151, 154 & 167!

- Create KILLER CHEAT SHEETS that really work - page 129!

- Construct photo flash cards with explosive recall - page 185!

Beyond My Horizon is a must-read for anyone who has a real desire to do well in
college, go back to college, or finally make a change and pursue any lifelong dream. Vargo's odyssey not only is a heartfelt and sincere effort to inspire the reader to go after life goals but also helps the reader believe he or she really can accomplish any goal.

"Brutally honest, educationally humorous and insanely direct!"

...John B. "Jack" Corgel, Professor, Cornell University
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