Holistic Bodywork: Blending Modern and Ancient Bodywork Principles

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Dezember 2010



For beginning to advanced courses in deep tissue therapy, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial therapy, and acupressure; and for holistic bodywork classes combining any of these approaches.

Holistic Bodywork provides a dynamic, integrative approach to understanding today's four most popular methods of bodywork: Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Therapy, and Acupressure. Each modality is explored in terms of both physiology and theory, with detailed descriptions of fundamental techniques. These descriptions, together with complete protocols for practical application, are accompanied by many images and diagrams. Written for students, practitioners and instructors at all levels, this text presents complex concepts in a simple format organized for maximum instructor flexibility. Step by step, students move from the absolute basics to advanced concepts, including tensegrity. Pedagogical features include chapter objectives, terms, and summaries; quick quizzes and discussion questions; quick-reference tools and tables, and much more.


Part I Getting Started Chapter 1-Preparation for bodywork Part II The Deep Tissue Approach Chapter 2â A study of tissues Chapter 3â Introduction to deep tissue theory Chapter 4-The techniques of deep tissue massage Chapter 5-Sample routines for Deep Tissue Massage Part III The Neuromuscular Approach Chapter 6â A study of nerves and related structures Chapter 7â Introduction to neuromuscular theory Chapter 8-The techniques of neuromuscular therapy Chapter 9-Sample routines for Neuromuscular Therapy Part IV The Myofascial Approach Chapter 10â A study of fascia Chapter 11â Introduction to myofascial theory Chapter 12-The techniques of myofascial therapy Chapter 13-Sample routines for myofascial therapy Part V The Acupressure Approach Chapter 14â A study of Qi and the Acupressure channels Chapter 15â Introduction to acupressure theory Chapter 16-The techniques of acupressure therapy Chapter 17-Sample routines for Acupressure therapy Part VI The Holistic Approach Chapter 18â Putting it all together
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