Immunostimulatory DNA Sequences

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August 2000



This volume is a product of a collaborative effort and attempts to provide a wide and up-to-date coverage of information regarding the biology and on the potential application of immunostimulatory DNA. ISS hold great promise for influencing the immune response and the authors anticipate that the high efficacy and low toxicity observed in animal models will translate into success in a variety of human clinical applications.


Introduction to immunostimulatory DNA sequences.-The discovery of immunostimulatory DNA sequences.-Mechanisms of immune stimulation by bacterial DNA.-Activation of NK cell (human and mouse) by immunostimulatory DNA sequence.-Activation of skin dendritic cells by immunostimulatory DNA.-Rescue of B cells from apoptosis by immune stimulatory CpG DNA.-The response of human B lymphocytes to oligodeoxynucleotides.-Multiple effects of immunostimulatory DNA on T cells and the role of type I interferons.-Pre-priming: a novel approach to DNA-based vaccination and immunomodulation.-Signal transduction induced by immunostimulatory CpG DNA.-Immunostimulatory DNA sequences and cancer therapy.-Modulation of asthmatic response by immunostimulatory DNA sequences.-The role in CpG in DNA vaccines.-Mucosal adjuvanticity of immunostimulatory DNA sequences.-And other contributions
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