Don't Wake the Beastie!

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April 2011



A brilliant read-aloud cumulative animal tale with a shout-out-loud surprise ending


This is Dawn Casey's second book for Bloomsbury. Her first book was the cheerful marine adventure More, More, More! Dawn has also worked as a children's book reviewer for Achuka and Armadillo, and as the organiser of the Brighton Children's Book Festival. Dawn lives in East Sussex. Kirsteen Harris-Jones completed a BA in children's illustration for publishing and has since been busy working on lots of exciting projects - the constant inspiration of her six-year-old gives her plenty of ideas for stories. Kirsteen lives in Shropshire with her husband and three children.
EAN: 9781408800027
ISBN: 1408800020
Untertitel: Colour. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Erscheinungsdatum: April 2011
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