Demographic Transition Theory

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This book has a strong theoretical focus and is unique in addressing both mortality and fertility over the full span of human history. It examines the demographic transition in the change in the human condition from high mortality and high fertility to low mortality and low fertility. It asks if fluctuating populations is a new phenomenon, or if there has long been an inherent tendency in Man to maximize survival and to control family size.


From the contents:
Preface.- Introduction: Chapter 1: The Analytical Approach.- Part I: Issues of early transition.- Chapter 2: Pretransitional population control and equilibrium.- Chapter 3: Was there a Neolithic mortality crisis?.- Chapter 4: Population intensification theory.- Chapter 5: Wealth flows revisited.- Chapter 6: Fertility control in the classical world: was there an ancient fertility transition?.- Chapter 7: Family size control by infanticide in the great agrarian societies of Asia.- Part II: The Modern Transition.- Chapter 8: Transmuting the industrial revolution into mortality decline.- Chapter 9: The delayed Western fertility decline: an examination of English- speaking countries.- Chapter 10: Regional paths to fertility transition.- Chapter 11: The globalization of fertility behavior.- Chapter 12: Social upheaval and fertility decline.- Chapter 13: Demographic theory: a long view.- Chapter 14: Policy responses to low fertility and its consequences: a global survey.- Chapter 15: Explanation of the fertility crisis in modern societies: a search for commonalities.- Chapter 16: Back to the future: the great mortality crises.- Index.
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