The Working Saddler's Handbook

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Juli 2001



Students and apprentices, as well as master saddlers and anyone with an interest in the saddlery trade will fins this book an indispensible companion.


Keith Savory was apprenticed to a saddle maker at the age of 15. On completion of his training, he was awarded the Certificate of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers on the recommendation of the Society of Master Saddlers. He worked as a journeyman saddler for some five years and then joined the Army, serving with the Royal Signals. Later, he read for his BA (Hons) degree at Southampton University and then returned to the West Country to set up his own business. Here he carries out a wide range of tasks, from saddlery and heavy horse harness repairs to advanced bridlework and design and manufacture of new and customized livery. Keith has substantial experience and contacts in the trade, both in UK and export markets. In his spare time he undertakes restoration and cataloguing of historic harness and saddlery for a local heritage centre.
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