Understanding "Old Europe"

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August 2010



Understanding "Old Europe" introduces readers to central features of contemporary society in France, Germany, and Austria. This concise and engaging book acquaints readers with dress codes, interaction rituals, communication practices, and patterns of work and leisure and takes a close look at public transportation, public broadcasting, social safety arrangements, political parties, and other important social institutions. Above all, Understanding "Old Europe" explains the historical roots of contemporary customs and institutions. This compelling survey adopts a transnational approach and treats France, Germany, and Austria as a unit. It shows that France, Germany, and Austria share a common identity and highlights the lasting impact that court culture and working-class unrest have had on this identity. Understanding "Old Europe" will help Austrians, French, and Germans to understand better their common identity and its historical roots.


Ralph P. Güntzel is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of History at Franklin College, Indiana.
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