City Wolves

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Tells the story of Canada's first woman veterinarian, Meg Wilkinson. Born in 1870 on a farm near Halifax, Meg's childhood experience with wolves makes her determined to be a veterinarian.


Introduction; Developing the Craft; Laying on of Hands; Into the Wilderness, 1910-12; Death of the Village, 1913-19; The Final Expeditions, 1920-27; Epilogue; Index.


"Historical romance, pioneering feminism, Inuit spirit guides, wolves, dogs, real people mingling with fictional ones, a fresh take on the Klondike gold rush...this is entertainment. An indomitable heroine takes city wolves into the wilderness and makes them howl. I for one could not stop listening."
--Ken McGoogan, Pierre Berton History Prize winner, author of "Fatal Passage and Race to the Polar Sea""Dorris Heffron has illuminated a fascinating and little-known aspect of human behaviour -- the degree to which humans have modeled their social structure on that of wolves -- and turned it into story. "City Wolves" is a wonderful blend of fiction and history, natural and unnatural: high art indeed!"
--Wayne Grady, Naturalist, author of "The Nature of Coyotes"""City Wolves" takes the truth of good biography and runs with it creatively into a gripping narrative...meticulous research leads Heffron to give life to a neglected theory about who really first discovered the gold t
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