Come Looking for Me

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A mysterious young English woman named Emily risks a crossing of the Atlantic during the War of 1812 for the promise of a new adventure in Canada. But she never arrives. Captured by Captain Trevelyan, a man as cold-blooded as his frigate is menacing, Emily is held prisoner aboard the USS Serendipity.


Developing the Craft;
Laying on of Hands;
Into the Wilderness, 1910-12;
Death of the Village, 1913-19;
The Final Expeditions, 1920-27;


"Cheryl Cooper has crafted a novel of epic proportions, incorporating a cast of truly memorable characters. Her meticulous research captures the conditions at sea on a British man-of-war in the early part of the 19th century, and her account of the challenges facing a naval surgeon is particularly engrossing. Written in a flowing, graceful style, Come Looking for Me is a satisfying book that is difficult to put down. A wonderful read!" Dr. Walter Hannah, physician; former midshipman with the Royal Canadian Navy " Come Looking for Me is a fine offeringan unexpected romance set amid the fierce naval battles of the United States and Great Britain during the War of 1812. Cheryl Cooper succeeds in creating an intriguing cast of characters and making us care about their ultimate fate. Her extensive research and detailed descriptions of life on the sea add an unyielding realism to a story rich in action and suspense." Anne Millyard, co-founder and former editor of Annick Press "A high sea of a good read, roiling with history, cannon blasts, and storms of the heart...I couldn't put it down." Karen Hood-Caddy, author of Tree Fever, Flying Lessons, Wisdom of Water "Hours of meticulous research has resulted in a faithful often brutal depiction of life on a British man of war. This story mixes a generous amount of mystery, humor, action, suspense and unexpected romance into a colourful tale of high seas adventure." -- Garrison Community Council, Aug 2011
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