Mathematics in Science and Technology

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Juni 2011



This unique volume presents reviews of research in several important areas of applications of mathematical concepts to science and technology, for example applications of inverse problems and wavelets to real world systems. The book provides a comprehensive overview of current research of several outstanding scholars engaged in diverse fields such as complexity theory, vertex coupling in quantum graphs, mixing of substances by turbulence, network dynamics and architecture, processes with rate independent hysteresis, numerical analysis of Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations, simulations of complex stochastic differential equations, optimal flow control, shape optimal flow control, shape optimization and aircraft designing, mathematics of brain, nanotechnology and DNA structure and mathematical models of environmental problems. The volume also contains contributory talks based on current researches of comparatively young researchers participating in the conference.

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Untertitel: Mathematical Methods, Models and Algorithms in Science and Technology, Proceedings of the Satellite Conference. HC gerader Rücken kaschiert. Sprache: Englisch.
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