Conversations with Power: What Great Presidents and Prime Ministers Can Teach Us about Leadership

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Fresh out of college, and frustrated with own generation's political apathy, Brian Till set out to interview the former world leaders he most admired. To his surprise, they were eager to talk, and he soon found himself discussing everything from energy to terrorism to nuclear disarmament with the greatest leaders of the last twenty-five years. Here, he distills what they learned in office, their predictions for the future, and their advice for the leaders of tomorrow. Including interviews with: Bill Clinton Gro Bruntland Jimmy Carter Fernando Henrique Cardoso Ehud Barak Vaclav Havel Mikhail Gorbachev Pervez Musharraf F.W. de Klerk Ricardo Lagos Helmut Schmidt Goh Chok Tong Paul Keating Through powerful conversations with former presidents and prime ministers come striking insights into what makes for great leadership, and what skills andqualities tomorrow's leaders will need to succeed.




Brian Michael Till


"This is a collection full of voices that have not been heard enough in America, and the world. Brian Till has spent quality time with some of the most innovative and significant officials of the past few decades, and their experiences and insights are a delight to read, as well as provide an important series of history lessons." - Seymour M. Hersh
"Conversations with Power reflects one young man's quest for knowledge and reassurance from a fascinating array of past leaders. The result is not only a revealing set of lessons about the possibilities and limitations of power; it is also a challenge to a new generation to take the future into its own hands." - Madeleine K. Albright, Former U.S. Secretary of State
"This is a marvelous collection. Brian Till has journeyed around the world talking to leaders of all sorts of government about how they got to the top, what they did there, what worked, what did not. His book gives valuable insights into the secrets of power - and how the powerful see the world today." - William Shawcross, author of Deliver Us From Evil
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Untertitel: What the Greatest Presidents and Prime Ministers Can Teach Us about Leadership. Sprache: Englisch.
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