Satellite Orbits

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September 2011



This modern presentation guides readers through the theory and practice of satellite orbit prediction and determination. Starting from the basic principles of orbital mechanics, it covers elaborate force models as well as precise methods of satellite tracking. The accompanying CD-ROM includes source code in C++ and relevant data files for applications. The result is a powerful and unique spaceflight dynamics library, which allows users to easily create software extensions. An extensive collection of frequently updated Internet resources is provided through WWW hyperlinks.


Around the World in a Hundred Minutes.- Introductory Astrodynamics.- Force Models.- Numerical Integration.- Time and Reference Systems.- Satellite Tracking and Observation Models.- Linearization.- Orbit Determination and Parameter Estimation.- Applications.- Appendices.


Dr. Oliver Montenbruck ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter des Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt in Oberpfaffenhofen.


From the reviews:
"Not many books on the topic of satellite orbits over the past decades have been informative, comprehensive and practical. I am happy to say that this publication does fall into that category. [...] This book should certainly be in the library of students and scientists working in the fields of navigation, geodesy, and spaceflight technology, as well as satellite engineers and operators focusing on spaceflight dynamics." (The Observatory, 2001)
"Satellite Orbits: Models, Methods, and Application would be a valuable addition to the library of any engineer or scientist interested in the practical aspects of orbit prediction and determination. [...] The comprehensive reference list along with the CD supplied codes make this book unique in this area." (Applied Mechanics Reviews, 2002)
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