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When Papa Smurf tries to make a new fertilizer for the crops, it transforms an ordinary flower into a dangerous smurfivore plant. Two Smurfs try to get rid of the fertilizer by dumping it outside the Smurf village, but a bird swallows it and becomes a huge monster; the Howlibird.


Roland Goossand, popularly known as Gos, is a Belgian comics creator who was a frequent collaborator of Peyo's and wrote several Smurf stories. Gos also wrote for the comic "Spirou" and launched his own comics titles in Belgium in the 1970's including "The Scrameustach." Peyo created The Smurfs in his comic strip "Johan and Peewit." Peyo wrote and drew over 8 extremely popular titles in Europe throughout his storied career. In 2008 the country of Belgium celebrated what would have been his 80th birthday by issuing a 5 Euro coin featuring his creation, The Smurfs.
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