Pregnancy outcomes of Nepalese women

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Januar 2011



Good maternal health is a prerequisite for a healthy mother and child as well as a healthy family. However, in Nepal, most women do not have access to basic health services due to underdeveloped health infrastructure, transportation and communications systems. Other factors such as gender inequality, illiteracy, and cultural constraints delays in seeking care during pregnancy and childbirth. These factors, maternal, and infant mortality rates are comparatively high. Since the last decade, attention has been drawn to the Safe Motherhood Programme. It is found to be a cost-effective way to fulfil mothers and infants health needs in developing countries. In Nepal, the Safe Motherhood Programme is included within the existing Primary Health Care delivery system. There is only handful of researches that examines the relationship between women's health and pregnancy outcomes in the Nepalese context. The present study designed to have a greater understanding on these factors affects women's health and pregnancy outcome. So that, safe mother hood program can be concentrated in the area that are in need.


Pratima has just submitted PhD thesis in Health Informatics Research and focus of it was exploring requirements in building Electronic Medical Records in the domain of Head and Neck (H&N) cancer care. This book contains most of the findings presented in the thesis. Her research interest is to achieve the best patient outcome using the technology.
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