Ancient Scholarship and Grammar

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The volume aims at investigating archetypes, concepts and contexts of the ancient philological discipline from a historical, methodological and ideological perspective. It includes 26 contributions by leading scholars divided into four sections: The ancient scholars at work , The ancient grammarians on Greek language and linguistic correctness , Ancient grammar in historical context and Ancient grammar in interdisciplinary context .


F. Montanari, R. Hunter, M. Fantuzzi, S. Matthaios, F. Pontani, R. Nuenlist, M. Schmidt, J. Lundon, B.K. Braswell, P. Bing, S. Chronopoulos, K. Spanoudakis, J. Lallot, L. Basset, Ph. Probert, I. Sluiter, A. Wouters, P. Swiggers, W. Ax, F. Lambert, G. Bonnet, L. Visser, V. van Elst, M. Billerbeck, C. de Jonge, A. Luhtala, M. Chriti.


Stephanos Matthaios, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece; Franco Montanari, University of Genova, Italy; Antonios Rengakos, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece.


"The volume is nicely produced, and typos are fairly rare and rather obvious. In addition to a useful bibliography, there is an index locorum and a general index. Most, but not all, the Greek and Latin is translated, and the translations are generally, though not universally, accurate."Joseph McAlhany in: BMCR 2012.03.30
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