Eu External Relations Law and the European Neighbourhood Policy: A Paradigm for Coherence

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Dezember 2011



The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) is a recent example of an external EU policy drawn up explicitly with the objective of achieving coherence in the external policies of the EU and its Member States. Positioning the ENP in the legal-historical context of political union, this book explains why coherence has become a substantive issue in EU external relations, and why law is integral to attaining the ever-enigmatic single voice of the European Union. The text examines the role of EU external relations law in attaining a coherent neighbourhood policy and goes on to undertake an in depth analysis of the ENP, arguing that the innovative nature of the ENP in regard to coherence lies beyond the narrowly defined legal sphere, and stems primarily from its hybrid composition of hard legal, soft legal and non-legal policy instruments. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach by integrating elements of law, history and political science, EU External Relations Law and the European Neighbourhood Policy is unique in its approach to the subject.
This book will be of particular interest to academics and students of EU Law, Political Science, History and International Relations as well as to practitioners engaged in the process of drafting coherent external policy.


1. A Legal History of Fragmentation and Coherence in EU External Action 2. A Theoretical Framework for Coherence in EU External Relations Law and Policy 3. Coherence of EU and Member State External Action: Duty of Loyalty 4. Coherence Across Divided Union Competences in the TEU & TFEU 5. Coherence and Soft Law in EU External Relations: ENP as a Paradigm 6. Coherence as Policy Synergy in the ENP 7. Conclusion: The ENP, a Paradigm for Coherence?


Bart Van Vooren is Assistant Professor of EU Law at the University of Copenhagen. His research focuses on EU external relations law and global governance with an emphasis on international finance. Illustrative of this research agenda is his 2011 article in the Common Market Law Review entitled 'A legal-institutional perspective on the European External Action Service'.
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