Complete Guide to Mentoring

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November 2011



Mentoring is a powerful tool in the development of talent within any organization. Experienced colleagues develop the skills, capabilities and confidence of more junior staff, who will go on to contribute to, and drive the success of, the organization.

The Complete Guide to Mentoring is your step-by-step guide to implementing a successful
mentoring programme in your organization. Packed with high-profile interviews, case studies and questionnaires, it includes a wealth of practical advice on every aspect of the design,
fulfilment and assessment of a mentoring scheme. Learn how to:

¿ set up an effective mentoring programme
¿ develop the knowledge and skills you and your team need to run a programme
¿ assess the time and cost implications
¿ evaluate the impact of your programme

The Complete Guide to Mentoring is the essential toolkit for anyone who wants to create and run mentoring programmes, whether for a large or small organization, with confidence and success.


Chapter - 01: Introduction to mentoring; Chapter - 02: Mentoring in organizations; Chapter - 03: Finding the right people; Chapter - 04: The nuts and bolts of a mentoring scheme; Chapter - 05: The role of mentoring in diversity and culture; Chapter - 06: Evaluating mentoring; Chapter - 07: The wisdom of mentoring; Chapter - 08: Mentoring for small and medium enterprises; Chapter - 09: Mentoring for leadership; Chapter - 10: Conclusion


Hilarie Owen has produced a well researched and highly practical guide to one of the most pressing topics of the day. Both large corporations and ambitious SME companies will find this guide an invaluable tool to accessing the cost effective solution mentoring gives to the issue of identifying and unlocking the potential talent that exists within their organisations in the face of increasingly tight internal resources. -- Tony Stubbs, Regional Director, Executives Online
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