Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

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This second edition of the widely acclaimed Geophysical Fluid Dynamics by Joseph Pedlosky offers the reader a high-level, unified treatment of the theory of the dynamics of large-scale motions of the oceans and atmosphere. Revised and updated, it includes expanded discussions of * the fundamentals of geostrophic turbulence * the theory of wave-mean flow interaction * thermocline theory * finite amplitude barocline instability.


* Fundamentals
* Inviscid Shallow-Water Theory
* Friction and Viscous Flow
* Homogeneous Models of the Wind-Driven Oceanic Circulation
* Quasigeostrophic Motion of a Stratified Fluid on a Sphere
* Instability Theory
* Ageostrophic Motion


From the reviews
"The author has done a masterful job in presenting the theory with the necessary mathematical foundation, while keeping the physical aspects in clear view ... it is an outstanding introduction to a complex and important subject." (GEOPHYSICS)
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