The Delft Systems Approach

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The pace of development in knowledge and know-how in the Organisation Sciences, Logistics and Information Technology is rapid. However, the gap between those who practice these sciences and the practicing manager is becoming larger rather than smaller. The Delft Systems Approach describes a fundamental approach for analysing industrial systems, which emphasizes a concept that can be used by all disciplines involved. It sets out to close the gap between theory and practice.


Introduction Systems Concepts Case: The Flight Department Models for the Structuring of Processes Conceptual Model for the Analysis of Industrial Systems Behaviour of a Function: The Process The Case of the Ship Engine Factory Policy and Performance Model for the Innovation Process The Design Process with the Conceptual Models Case: The Automated Container Terminal


Hans P.M. Veeke, Jaap A. Ottjes and Gabriël Lodewijks all work for the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.
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