Clinical Management of Vulvodynia

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Chronic vulvar pain, or 'vulvodynia', is a common problem that can have a considerable impact on the wellbeing of patients. Despite being seen routinely in everyday clinical practice, it remains a neglected disorder that may take many years to diagnose.This book eases the way for physicians, including General Practitioners and Gynecologists, who are motivated to improve the lives of women suffering from vulvodynia. By offering a concise overview of the latest information on the diagnosis and management of vulvodynia, and its numerous comorbidities, in an easy to read, 'tips and tricks' format, the book empowers physicians to rapidly and effectively address the complex and sensitive issues surrounding the disorder.


1. Epidemiology of vulvar pain and its sexual comorbidities.- 2. Vulvodynia - What's Behind the Name?- 3. Vulvodynia and Dyspareunia - How Should They Be Addressed?- 4. What Women With Vulvodynia Complain Of.- 5. How vulvodynia originates: The pathophysiology of vulvar pain.- 6. How to make a comprehensive diagnosis of vulvodynia and its co morbidities.


From the reviews: "This much needed book covers a field - genital/vulvar pain - that has long been neglected and to which many taboos and stigmas are still attached. ... While this book is aimed at physicians, there are many patients who will also find it useful and easy to read. ... The book discusses the different types of vulvar pain and its pathophysiology, how to make a diagnosis of vulvodynia and its comorbidities and how to treat it." (International Painful Bladder Foundation, October, 2011) "This small volume (only 87 pages) will be very welcome to all involved in this often neglected field. ... There is an interesting discussion on names and definitions here, with the authors explaining that until now vulvodynia has been used to describe unexplained vulvar pain. ... The book also addresses vulvodynia and dyspareunia, postpartum dyspareunia and vulvodynia, evaluation of vulvar pain, pathophysiology, how to make a comprehensive diagnosis of vulvodynia and its comorbidities and how to treat." (ICS News, Vol. 8 (1), January, 2012)
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