Long-Term Experiments with Acid Rain in Norwegian Forest Ecosystems

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Dezember 1993



Acid rain is a serious international environmental problem. Scandinavian forests have suffered especially severe damage, and have been the focus of considerable research on the causes and impacts of atmospheric pollution. This book presents the results of long-term studies on acid rain in Norwegian forests. This research examined soil chemistry and biology; the impacts of acid rain on tree growth and nutrition; and its influence on ground vegetation, fungi, and seedling germination and development. Long-Term Experiments with Acid Rain in Norwegian Forest Ecosystems is a lasting contribution to the literature on acid precipitation, and will be of interest to researchers in ecology, air pollution, forestry and environmental chemistry.


Section I. Establishment of Field Experiments.
- 1. Introduction.
- 2. Study Area.
- 3. Experiments.-
Section II. Results of Experiments.
- 4. Soil Chemistry.
- 5. Soil Biology: Soil Animals and Soil Acidity.
- 6. Soil Biology: Soil Microflora and Soil Acidity.
- 7. Soil Biology: Decomposition and Soil Acidity.
- 8. Trees: Nutrition.
- 9. Trees: Growth.
- 10. Plant-Soil Interactions.
- 11. Ground Vegetation: The B-2 Experiment.
- 12. Ground Vegetation: Mycoflora.
- 13. Monolith Lysimeters.
- 14. Germination and Seedling Development.-
Section III. Conclusions.
- 15. Discussion and Synthesis.
- 16. Summary and Conclusions.


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