New Light on Galaxy Evolution

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The study of the evolution of galaxies has made remarkable progress in recent years and is currently undergoing a transformation arising from the application of new observational and theoretical tools. Twenty-one invited reviews, twenty-six contributed papers and 137 poster papers cover the wide variety of recent developments, present new insights and demonstrate the rapid increase in our knowledge about galaxy evolution and formation.


Spiral Galaxies. Elliptical Galaxies. Small Stellar Systems and Galaxy Cores. The Interstellar Medium. Dark Matter Halos around Galaxies. Mergers in the Local Universe. High Redshift Galaxies. Theory of Galaxy Formation. Galaxies in Formation.


`I do recommend this proceedings volume to interested scientists/researchers, both senior and junior, in astronomical observatories, in astronomical, astrophysical and theoretical physics departments and research institutions and the corresponding libraries. This volume (with a wealth of beautiful conference photographs) is a very good source of data, giving a more or less complete picture of the active research on galactic evolution and shedding new light on it.'
Classical Quantum Gravity, 14 (1997)

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