Laura's Handmade Life

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When life unravels, start stitching ...


Amanda Addison writes both adult and children's fiction. A common theme to her work is the world of art & design. She is a graduate from Chelsea School of Art. Amanda's interest in writing began when she illustrated book covers and articles.


Part-novel, part-sewing guide, this is a tale for wannabe seamstresses Sun A sweet tale of creativity and love Image magazine A lovely blend of comedy, warmth and crafty inspiration Candis A charming feel-good read and the fact that each chapter is headed with a different stitch is a lovely touch Making Magazine If you're looking for some light-hearted summer reading, Amanda Addison's latest book should do the trick. Very satisfying Knitting Magazine Totally entertaining and utterly relatable Mollie Makes magazine Immerse yourself in Amanda Addison's latest book and escape alongside creative Laura to a countryside cottage and meet nosey neighbours, errant poodles and even an ex-boyfriend. Read as the avid crafter and stitcher is brought to life in this beautiful tale. Illustrated with mixed-media collages, it's a must-read for the summer Crafts Beautiful Magazine
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Untertitel: Integrated: 30, Line drawings of stitches for each chapter opener. Sprache: Englisch.
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